a couple of months back I bought myself Emotiv Epoc EEG headset. As I thought to save some money I didn’t purchase researcher license. Without the researcher license I wasn’t able to use Epoc’s API to get access to the raw data each electrode conveys. Without this access, I was able to play a little with free apps provided in Emotiv Store, but very quickly got bored.

Luckily later on I found out someone had hacked Epoc’s drivers and decrypted the data encryption, which meant it was now possible to see the raw sensor data. One of those hack implementations was done in java and because it had a very simple user interface and no option to save EEG data, I decided to create proper GUI for my research purposes on top of that.


Emotool in use
Emotool in action

6 thoughts on “Emotiv EPOC EEG

  1. Hi I wanted to know how accurate is the Emotiv EPOC and if you dont have the raw data can you get different insights like blink, mental states?

    1. Hi Chaitanya,

      Emotiv provides application for ‘recording’ mental states with the EPOC headset. However I found it mostly marketing trick, because the app was unable to play the recorded emotion at least in my case. Blink is easy to identify because brain activity for vision region for example seems to go more or less idle.

      I’d say, that since mental states are somewhat subjective, they will always be hard to interpret using any kind of device. But if I were to research mental states using Epoc, I definitely would need the raw data.

  2. Hi, I tried to complie and run the java program. But it failed with errors in compile. Is there any particular settings required? Versions of Java? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ting and sorry for replying late. For some reason I didn’t get email notification about this. Did you get the code compiled?

      I can check this issue and reply you later with more information.

  3. Hi, I have downloaded your Java code from Github and thanks very much for your work. However, I am trying to compile and run emotool from Eclipse but have no idea what to do.

    I have imported the files using import function for Maven project, but when trying to run it Eclipse is asking for Goals, which I have no idea about.

    Do you have any suggestion of how emotool can be compiled and run on Eclipse?


  4. Hello, I’m not a doctor, by profession I am a teacher and speech therapist, I want to purchase a headset to view a 3-d map of brain activity to understand which areas of the child’s brain do not work. Indicates whether the data program in the computer? Your program is the EEG recording, an analog program that you want to buy each month? Thank you

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